Hi, i'm Zara Lachlan

I will be rowing from mainland Europe to mainland South America. Solo and unsupported. 3,600 gruelling miles filled with Orca whales, Marlin fish and 20ft waves.

I am hoping for this journey to take me 90 days, rowing 15 hours a day and sleeping for four, with eating, cleaning and fixing in the remaining five.

I am doing it for charity to raise money for Women In Sport.

“Women in Sport is thrilled to have Zara on board as she sets out on this remarkable voyage across the Atlantic. Rowing an ocean is an unimaginable feat for many, but Zara's resilience and grit are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her determination to push boundaries and challenge herself embodies the spirit of our organisation. With this support, through our 40th anniversary, Women in Sport can continue to spearhead long-lasting change for women and girls in sport, and in society. By amplifying voices and influencing change we can ensure all women and girls can access safe and fair sport. Doing so will ensure no one is left behind in experiencing the joy, fulfilment, and lifelong benefits that sport has to offer.  We extend our deepest thanks to Zara, and all those that rally behind her, for this incredible contribution to our mission.” – Stephanie Hilborne OBE, CEO Women in Sport